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Why Business Models Matter

23 Feb

In “Why Business Models Matter” Joan Magretta helps entrepreneurs separate what seem like cut-and-dry business terms from the stories behind them. I found the failures of online grocers and Priceline Webhouse club particularly illuminating. If the business owners had put themselves in the shoes of the key partners and all of the customers served—consumers and […]

Advertising Models

19 Feb

It is encouraging that other entrepreneurs are finding ways new ways to serve advertisers. Providing market intelligence seems like a scary, nebulous concept in terms of actual implementation, but when you think about it simplistically—a quick opt-in poll, for example—it seems much more manageable. When I first conceived of “Stylepol” (let’s just call it that […]

Politico: Understanding Your Business Model

16 Feb

What strikes me about the initial Politico launch is how little understanding John Harris and Jim VandeHei had of online business models. “The revolution—” as a few of us heard from On the Media‘s Bob Garfield last night, “will not be monetized.” Twitter isn’t making money. Facebook isn’t making money. Influential, yes; valuable, absolutely; but monetizable…maybe? […]