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Tech Journal #8: Advertising

22 May

To get started, I’m going to use the Glam network and the Shopsense advertising networks to generate ad revenue, but what I’m really looking forward to is integrated advertising. Hearst just this month became the first publisher other than AOL to use the Picetela ad unit. It allows advertisers to almost completely take over the […]

Tech Journal #7: HTML 5

21 May

I want to build Pique in html 5 and CSS 3. Despite some concerns about older browsers…well, if the people out there like celebrity photos that much then they’ll switch to Chrome. Hey, it’s cheaper than buying a iPad.   I adore this coverflow and wish I could embed it here. Click on it, it’s […]

Tech Journal 6: Thanks Hong!

18 May

I have now made numerous sketches of Pique for both my own understanding of how this might work, and to have something to show potential designers and developers. During this time I’ve been researching many photo sites and apps, and I wanted to share a few here. This is separate from design, and has to […]

Tech Blog #5: “Freemium” = Having Embeds

17 May

I asked a question on Polyvore today: “What should I wear to my big presentation Monday?” I got an answer I liked pretty fast, so I chose it as my favorite. Wow, would I like to share that with my friends. GUESS WHAT. I CAN.

Tech Journal #4: Design

16 May

The amazing Joshua Harris took it upon himself last weekend to brainstorm a first iteration of Pique, and though I’m wary about posting the designs here, I will show anyone who asks. The more I explain this site the more I realize that it is design — not really development — that will dictate this […]

Tech Journal #3: CMS, Part 2

14 May

I wanted to write a new post on the idea of using a CMS. After speaking to the developers and designers last night at our presentations, they convinced me that using a CMS like WordPress or Drupal might not be worth it for what I want to do. Since this is purely a gallery, it […]


8 May

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Tech Journal #2: CMS

3 Apr

I will use a CMS for this site. I need a backend that is very easy for an editor to sort and use. I also would like an area where the photos come in from the API and can be sorted easily. WordPress themes may need too much manipulating to do what I want. Drupal […]

Tech Journal #1: Video

3 Apr

What video does for a start-up comes down to more than just engagement and story—it raises the overall quality of a site. I think even if you can do a successful promo video, users will see your site as a professional endeavor. Right now, I’m not sure what kind of video I’ll have on the […]

Prelim Technology Plan

20 Mar

What you are providing, in tech terms: -A way for users to create their own slideshows with premium content. A way to embed a slideshow on social networks and your own blog/tumblr. -A profile page and archive of saved content. -A Digg model: a blog organized by most popular, newest, and your interests. Are you […]