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How InStyle is Solving the Problem

10 Mar

OK…let’s revert back to business #1. I will continue to do the iheariwant blog and maybe even figure out something with Hunch API, but for class, let’s just stick to idea #1. Here is how InStyle is trying to make celebrity photos social: And when you click into it: So you actually vote in the […]

Hunch Says Google News is a Newspaper

3 Mar

Guh? /

Proving the Thesis

1 Mar

Poking around on Billboard Biz this morning and came across this piece on homemade goods powerhouse Etsy partnering with musicians: “…today Etsy announced a new partnership with Chaz Budnick, better known as indie musician Toro Y Moi. In advance of the release of the new Toro Y Moi album, out February 22, Etsy will sell […], we have a problem.

22 Feb

This was a nice tweet to wake up to this morning, courtesy of a mentor of mine, Hearst consultant Rachel Masters, former Ning-er and founder of Red Magnet Media: Rachel Masters (@masters212) 2/22/11 1:29 AM Not sure why doesn’t have Twitter connect. Would be nice to tweet the runway fashions you adore. @_STYLEdotCOM doesn’t […]

How Soon Will AI Change Our World?

15 Feb

I just thought of Drani reading this Times article on Watson, the IBM computer playing Jeopardy! this week. “Ms. Ho is a 21st-century version of a traditional newspaper wire editor. Instead of gut and instinct, her decisions on which articles to put on the Yahoo home page are based on the cues generated by the […]