Tech Journal #8: Advertising

22 May

To get started, I’m going to use the Glam network and the Shopsense advertising networks to generate ad revenue, but what I’m really looking forward to is integrated advertising. Hearst just this month became the first publisher other than AOL to use the Picetela ad unit. It allows advertisers to almost completely take over the right rail, and enables video, social and geo-location integration ALL into the ad. It’s pretty neat, and gives users a much better and much more interactive experience with the brands. CPMS are also much, much higher than your standard $10-$20.

They are using the IAB standard portrait unit. To note, Glam is also a partner with Pictela, so until I have the staff to sell ads myself, I will still be able to take advantage of this great technology.

I wanted to show a few other innovative ways to integrate advertising onto content sites, as this will become the main revenue stream for Pique.

Here are a few other Pictela units:

French Connection


Pictela in action on Stylecaster – they have run of site. This will probably change, but right now it’s PINK Victoria’s Secret.


Eyewonder is another company that Hearst is working with. They actually make brands and ads come to life on pages. Here are a few examples:

A video floating ad

Video expandable ad

Linear full interactive player

They also do custom page morphs


Other than ads, contests, sponsored content and programs will be huge for Pique. SPIN does a really great job of this.

Here’s a short film contest they are doing with Intel right now.

And here’s Seventeen’s Pretty Amazing cover content, sponsored by Neutrogena. (I helped build this page!)


I will be continuing to monitor new ad formats and technologies as they come out. First come page views and users, but I look forward to the day I can begin to work more closely with advertisers and do some cool partnerships.


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