Tech Journal #7: HTML 5

21 May

I want to build Pique in html 5 and CSS 3. Despite some concerns about older browsers…well, if the people out there like celebrity photos that much then they’ll switch to Chrome. Hey, it’s cheaper than buying a iPad.


I adore this coverflow and wish I could embed it here. Click on it, it’s cool. I see something like that being full screen with gorgeous high-res photos + zoom. Bam, that’s the next generation of celebrity style coverage right there.

I have to say, I’ve had to address the question “is this a feature or a business” a lot in the past week. The thing is, celebrity is already a business.Celebrity blogs are businesses. Am I adding features and functionality? Yes. But this is about output and social implementation on a proven business model.

And now for some more html 5.

I could literally do this all day. And squealed when I did it for the first time.


The best music video ever.

This Nike site is so neat.

Can this guy design for me?

Nice photographer’s website. Like the ability to get rid of everything else on the page.

If you find any nice examples of html 5, please pass on!


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