Tech Journal 6: Thanks Hong!

18 May

I have now made numerous sketches of Pique for both my own understanding of how this might work, and to have something to show potential designers and developers.

During this time I’ve been researching many photo sites and apps, and I wanted to share a few here. This is separate from design, and has to do with how people are now used to looking at photography online.

First: the app-like UI. Apps are by far the better experience in this space. I love using Life’s iPad app and swiping through 100+ beautiful, high-res photos. But how to mimic this on the web? I think their site,, is actually pretty difficult to use, and doesn’t showcase the beautiful photos they have.

The Sixty One: I’ve showed this before in class, but I like the full-screen, high-res. The problem is that I want choices. Simple scrolling through to the next song is frustrating. I need to be able to choose and browse.

Feedly: A few people I’ve spoken to about Pique requested different ways to see the feed. I wholeheartedly agree. I like seeing something big and swiping through, but a lot of other people like to see a grid and thumbnails of everything, before deep-diving in. I love how Feedly lets users choose the layout. I’d like to enable something similar on Pique.

What I don’t want is a busy, newsy, editorial-y looking UI. Like this:



Huffington Post Enterainment

Or blogs:



Just Jared


And here’s a cute video:

ILUVUXDESIGN part I from lyle on Vimeo.

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