Tech Journal #4: Design

16 May

The amazing Joshua Harris took it upon himself last weekend to brainstorm a first iteration of Pique, and though I’m wary about posting the designs here, I will show anyone who asks.

The more I explain this site the more I realize that it is design — not really development — that will dictate this product. Yes, the functionality needs to be there, but because this is a photo-driven website based on celebrity fashion, and aimed at women, design rises to the top.

I wanted to post some inspirations that I will be looking at when Josh and I sit down to brainstorm.

Net-a-Porter: I love the magazine-quality of this website. It’s functional, but the aesthetic is print. I love how you can see videos within the magazine pages, like here.

Svvply: The simplicity of this site is so attractive. The audience is very different, but I like the use of white a lot. The user-experience with this goes hand-in-hand with the design.

All Saints/Spitalfields: I like how when you click into the image, the zoom pops up in the same image.

Stylefind: Love the scroll at the bottom of this page. It’s so important for users to know where they are at all times. I like the idea of having a scroll of different events that you can always get back to. Similar to my design; I really love the big image to start, and then having galleries below that when you scroll down. Think it’s a really good UX.

Aisledash: This is my favorite full-screen slideshow on the web.


Let me know thoughts in the comments, and please share your most favorite slideshows around the web!


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