Tech Journal #3: CMS, Part 2

14 May

I wanted to write a new post on the idea of using a CMS. After speaking to the developers and designers last night at our presentations, they convinced me that using a CMS like WordPress or Drupal might not be worth it for what I want to do. Since this is purely a gallery, it would be working against what they are meant to do. This website is more of a tool or a widget than a blog, so it might not make sense.

The more I look at the Daylife API the more it seems like their publisher back-end could stand-in as a CMS for phase one. You can pick which photos you want to drop in, automate things, edit captions, and create galleries. I’d like to use Facebook comments, so I can use their admin tools to moderate. With that, a design and the zoom functionality, I should be able to do everything I want to do straight from the Daylife publisher suite.

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