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30 Apr

One line that really struck me from Porter’s reading “What is Strategy” was: “Commonly, the threats to strategy are seen to emanate from outside a company because of changes in technology or the behavior of competitors. Although external changes can be the problem, the greater threat to strategy often comes from within.” It seems basic, […]

Tech Journal #2: CMS

3 Apr

I will use a CMS for this site. I need a backend that is very easy for an editor to sort and use. I also would like an area where the photos come in from the API and can be sorted easily. WordPress themes may need too much manipulating to do what I want. Drupal […]

Tech Journal #1: Video

3 Apr

What video does for a start-up comes down to more than just engagement and story—it raises the overall quality of a site. I think even if you can do a successful promo video, users will see your site as a professional endeavor. Right now, I’m not sure what kind of video I’ll have on the […]