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Prelim Technology Plan

20 Mar

What you are providing, in tech terms: -A way for users to create their own slideshows with premium content. A way to embed a slideshow on social networks and your own blog/tumblr. -A profile page and archive of saved content. -A Digg model: a blog organized by most popular, newest, and your interests. Are you […]

Hulu Marketing Strategy

12 Mar

Hulu’s initial channel design was “dual distribution” (pg. 9, Note on Marketing Strategy) “‘When Hulu was nothing more than a set of slides, we questioned whether we should be a destination site or syndicate content. We decided to not make a bet one way or the other — we did both.’” — Andy Forsell, Hulu’s […]

How InStyle is Solving the Problem

10 Mar

OK…let’s revert back to business #1. I will continue to do the iheariwant blog and maybe even figure out something with Hunch API, but for class, let’s just stick to idea #1. Here is how InStyle is trying to make celebrity photos social: And when you click into it: So you actually vote in the […]

To Reader, or Not to Reader?

6 Mar

When Zinio was first conceived by Kevin B. McCurdy in the late ’90s it was not an application that made it possible to read magazines digitally on a computer. “[McCurdy] quickly sketched out a rough diagram of a flat, hand-held screen that displayed a magazine.”

Hunch Says Google News is a Newspaper

3 Mar

Guh? /

Proving the Thesis

1 Mar

Poking around on Billboard Biz this morning and came across this piece on homemade goods powerhouse Etsy partnering with musicians: “…today Etsy announced a new partnership with Chaz Budnick, better known as indie musician Toro Y Moi. In advance of the release of the new Toro Y Moi album, out February 22, Etsy will sell […]